Newswire: Starbucks appeals to the Pinterest set by serving coffee in Mason jars

Billion-dollar corporation Starbucks knows that hipsters—a vague conceptual demographic here meaning “youngsters who desire a feeling of authenticity in their consumption”—want their coffee to be responsibly grown, environmentally harvested, come from workers making a living wage, and carefully roasted by well-paid employees. Actually, scratch all that: Hipsters just want to drink their coffee out of a mason jar.

The by-now-clichéd mason jar trend, brought to you by Pinterest and offbeat weddings everywhere, has made it all the way to Starbucks, whose savvy marketers know the way to lure customers away from their local, non-chain coffee shops is to offer beverages served out of jars. According to Uproxx, these can be seen in Starbucks in Singapore, where iced macchiatos (a malapropism, as a true macchiato is espresso with a small amount of milk foam; Starbucks’ “macchiatos” are just lattes) are served in mason jars.

Starbucks is also cribbing from …

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