Newswire: Star Wars’ new Death Trooper will delight children of all ages this Christmas

Star Wars has always been a little heavy-handed with the Nazi imagery of its villains, from Darth Vader’s helmet to the big rally in The Force Awakens, and it makes the amount of villain-branded merchandise seem a little strange at first. Of course, Star Wars villains always look really cool, so it’s totally understandable that a kid would want Kylo Ren or Grand Moff Tarkin on their lunchbox. It’s sort of a weird disconnect, since we know those guys are evil because they look and act like Nazis, but they’re not really Nazis, so we don’t have a problem ignoring it.

Now, with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story coming later this year, we’re getting a whole new batch of villains whose merchandise we can feel temporarily conflicted about. One such villain is the Death Trooper, those Stormtrooper-like guys in the black armor who …

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