Newswire: Star Trek to go Beyond in IMAX theaters worldwide

Deadline reports that Star Trek Beyond officially will be released in IMAX theaters worldwide on its July 22, 2016 opening. This is hardly a surprise, since Paramount Pictures recently adjusted the film’s release date to gain entry to more IMAX theaters, but now that it’s official, you can once again edify your friends about how those IMAX projector screens at AMC theaters won’t give them a real IMAX experience. Speaking of a real IMAX experience, there’s no word yet on whether director Justin Lin used IMAX cameras to shoot this film—as director J.J. Abrams did for Star Trek Into Darkness—or whether the movie will simply be digitally remastered for IMAX screens. The latter means the action won’t be at as high of a resolution as if it were shot with IMAX cameras and won’t fill a legitimate IMAX screen, thus making …

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