Newswire: Stan Lee’s failed hockey superheroes are at the center of a $500k lawsuit

Variety reports that a Santa Monica judge has ruled in favor of a company that was defrauded for $500,000 by a producer who tricked it into investing in a bizarre failed marketing scheme for the National Hockey League. Filmula Entertainment was approached by Aldo LaPietra in 2012, with promises that the NHL’s “Guardian Project”—a Stan Lee-fronted effort to give each team in the league its own Lee-derived superhero—was alive and well, with involvement from NBCUniversal and funding for a potential feature film. In truth, the project had flopped months earlier, hence the court order today that Filmula’s money be returned.

But really, we only told you that story as an excuse to tell you this one, i.e., a look back at the stalwart, puck-hustling heroes of The Guardian Project itself, 30 of the worst superbeings ever to skate the earth. (Which is saying something …

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