Newswire: Stan Lee knows why Fantastic Four sucked: No Stan Lee

There’s been a lot of Monday-morning quarterbacking over just why the new Fantastic Four movie tanked so hard. (Or “Tranked” so hard, as director Josh Trank probably hopes his friends don’t say to him at dinner parties for the rest of his life.) Sure, we can all agree it’s pretty bad, with even the film’s director acknowledging that the movie blew. But was it the terrible script? The sodden pacing? The dour tone? The lame action scenes? Luckily, the man who created the iconic superheroes knows exactly what was wrong with the movie: He wasn’t in it.

In an interview with Larry King, former Marvel head honcho Stan Lee reveals that, for reasons passing understanding, the producers of the newest Fantastic Four movie bucked tradition (or “quality assurance,” depending on your point of view) by not asking the legendary comics creator to do his requisite …

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