Newswire: Stan Lee finally gets his own action figure

Because if we’re not talking about something Marvel-related, we’re probably already cold in the ground, here’s some news about a limited edition Stan Lee collectible figure that’s now available for a mere $249.99. Finally, kids, including tall, bearded ones who pay mortgages, can act out one of Lee’s many cameos, or just take his look from day to night by swapping out his tinted glasses for even more tinted glasses.

Das Toyz crafted the mini-Lee, capturing the Marvel mastermind’s sartorial spirit complete with pinkie ring and pocket square. They’ve also included interchangeable heads and hands, presumably in an attempt to make this more action figure than figurine. This means you can alternate between the leering, clean-shaven face and the leering, bearded one. You can even pose Lee with a set of hands that look like they’re giving hand-horns or a double …

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