Newswire: Spring Breakers TV show coming to Blackpills, another damn streaming service

Here’s good news for anybody who’s not already sick of keeping track of what’s moving on and off of Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Crackle, Seeso, and HBO Go: Blackpills is on its way. What is Blackpills? Well, in case its pulsing, Gabbo-esque launch site didn’t make it clear, it’s a new French streaming service that’s been quietly snapping up web series and TV shows over the last few months, in the hopes of creating “scripted content for millennials to be consumed on mobile devices.” (It’s also what you take to get to the best all-leather kung-fu dancing fuck clubs in The Matrix, or so we heard.)

From its Facebook page, the service seems like it might be launching its “new addiction” tomorrow. But it already made waves earlier today, with Deadline reporting that a “micro-episodic TV show” based off of Harmony Korine’s …

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