Newswire: Spotify hater Prince drops new single—on Spotify

Notorious streaming-service tease Prince is playing his silly games once again. A few weeks ago, the Captain of Team Blouses quietly pulled all of his albums off of every major streaming service except Tidal, in an apparent show of solidarity for the Jay Z-backed platform. But now, The Artist Currently Known As Prince has dropped a new single in support of his upcoming release, The Hit And Run Album—exclusively on Spotify.

It’s not clear exactly what Prince is doing with his current streaming strategy—beyond generating a lot of news stories like this one, which might be the entire point—but at least the song is pretty fun. Titled “Stare,” it’s a funky, bass-and-horn-filled track about the things Prince songs are usually about: sexy dancing, ocular lust, and his muse, anyone he can refer to as “baby.” You can listen to it on Spotify, where it’ll …

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