Newswire: Spotify denies making up fake artists to game its own system

Spotify has been forced to deny accusations that it’s been making up fake artists in order to bulk-out playlists and game its own royalty structure, issuing a statement to that effect to Billboard today. “We do not and have never created ‘fake’ artists and put them on Spotify playlists,” a spokesperson for the streaming service wrote. “Categorically untrue, full stop.”

The allegations came to light thanks to a piece that recently ran over at Vulture, outlining various outside-the-box ways people try to profit off of the massively popular streamer. (Tactics include filling channels with hundreds of individualized versions of “Happy Birthday,” for instance, or posting song covers under slight misspellings of the actual artists’ names.) Nestled among these tricks by users, though, was a suggestion that Spotify itself was equally prone to screwing with the system, hiring producers to release songs by fake artists to bulk up its popular …

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