Newswire: Spit-Take makes a joke of genre descriptors on its new album, Frog Rock

Although Superchunk hasn’t abdicated its throne as the gold standard for punk-spirited indie-rock, Connecticut’s Spit-Take would make a worthy successor. The New Haven trio has sharpened its focus over the years, and on its second record the band is dealing in a genre of its very own, jokingly dubbed Frog Rock. The A.V. Club is streaming all of the album, which is available now through Ice Age Records, below. Frog Rock sees the band at the peak of its powers as Spit-Take mines moody melodies to great effect, twisting them into the kind of agitated-yet-thoughtful rockers that would make Mac McCaughan proud.

Frog Rock is available now through Ice Age Records and Spit-Take will be going on tour this summer.

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