Newswire: Spike to slip scripted organ-theft drama in between Bar Rescue reruns

Spike, attempting to shift away from its image as the network where large, angry men scream about beer-pouring techniques while celebrities earnestly lip sync Taylor Swift songs in the background, has announced its first venture into making a scripted drama series in almost a decade. The network is partnering with Jerry Bruckheimer and Warner Horizon Television for Harvest, a new series about a morally conflicted cemetery caretaker who’s blackmailed by his criminal father into stealing organs from his recently deceased charges. (Harvest was originally developed for A&E in 2013, shortly before that network made its own transition into the “All celebrity-run bars and restaurants, all the time” channel.)

Harvest is being written by Ian Sobel and Matt Morgan, both veterans of the equally grisly, if slightly more fantastic, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. Spike, which also recently aired the scripted event series Tut, has picked Harvest up for …

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