Newswire: Spielberg’s Amblin Partners to adapt rent-based thriller The Apartment

According to The Tracking Board (via Variety), Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Partners production company has picked up the rights to adapt S.L. Grey’s thriller The Apartment. Spielberg himself isn’t necessarily involved, as no specific producers are even signed on yet, but he could still officially attach his name to the project at some point down the line.

As for the book itself, The Apartment is about a couple that swaps homes with a family in Paris after armed robbers break into their apartment and beat them up. Unfortunately, the apartment in Paris turns out to be significantly worse than they were led to believe, and their attempts to contact the people who own it go unanswered. Some weird/scary things happen, and then they return to their original apartment where more weird/scary things happen. It sounds like a more terrifying version of The Holiday, though it …

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