Newswire: Spider-Man should be a Snapchatting EDM fan, according to terrible pitch

WikiLeaks’ posting of some 170,000 stolen emails from the Sony hacking has continued to prove an embarrassment for the studio and anyone who might, say, happen to have a few slave-owning ancestors in the closet. But surely there are a few positive revelations to be found in that endless morass—for example, that executives actually rejected the suggestion to turn Spider-Man into a Tough Mudder-running EDM fan with a burgeoning Snapchat circle and a cool “humblebrag” attitude, all the better to appeal to millennials. Given the endless negativity that’s surrounded this story and the development of that franchise in particular, it’s almost surprising that Sony didn’t disclose this itself, just to give it a win.

Instead it was up to Twitter user @DukeLoves You, who unearthed an email to deposed Sony co-chair Amy Pascal from Nick Shore, a former MTV executive whose deep knowledge of the …

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