Newswire: South Park gets 5 more years on Comedy Central, record-breaking Hulu deal

Who would have thought that a satirical animated sitcom criticized by parents’ groups for teaching kids potty words and disrespectful attitudes would become one of our most hallowed TV institutions? No, not that hallowed TV institution. The other one.

The creators of South Park have just signed a multi-year renewal deal with Comedy Central that will carry the show through the next five years, bringing the series total to more than 300 episodes. (“Amateurs,” Al Jean mutters dismissively.) South Park debuted on Comedy Central in 1997, and has been credited as a major factor in the network’s growth; “South Park is one of the foundations on which the house of Comedy Central has been built,” Viacom music and entertainment group chief Doug Herzog says. Series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, known for their frequently off-the-cuff production style, will continue to write and direct every episode of the show …

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