Newswire: SoundCloud denies claims that it’s almost out of cash

Music hosting service SoundCloud got into a public argument with TechCrunch today, disputing claims that the music company—which recently laid off a large percentage of its workforce—is rapidly running out of operating cash. As back-and-forthed over on Variety—which somehow became the tennis court playing host to this little financial dispute—TechCrunch initially reported that SoundCloud only had cash on hand to keep itself going through the start of the next quarter, i.e., 80 days. The TechCrunch piece also alleged that morale at SoundCloud had bottomed out, and that even people who survived the recent layoffs were jumping ship.

SoundCloud fired back, claiming there were “extensive inaccuracies” in the report, and that it’s “fully funded through Q4.” (To be clear, that’s essentially the same claim TechCrunch made, just with a different spin on what happens after the year’s final quarter begins.) SoundCloud says news …

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