Newswire: Sorry, but that Happy Endings countdown clock was an April Fools’ joke

If you’re a die-hard Happy Endings fan already in a foul mood because your cubicle-mates decided that it would be hilarious to put mayonnaise in your doughnuts and an air horn under your desk for April Fools’, it’s probably best that you click away right now. You could read a TV recap, perhaps, or watch a video in our new, highly entertaining Pick A Choice series.

Okay, they’re gone. Man, April Fools’ Day is the worst. So many hurt feelings, so few laughs. Case in point: recently, the writers of Happy Endings started a mysterious countdown on their official Twitter page, along with the vague promise, “It’s almost a new day.” That new day happened to be today, April 1, a.k.a. April Fools’ Day, but people love Happy Endings so much that they were willing to put aside their skepticism and hope that this …

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