Newswire: Sorry, but Heroes Reborn isn’t bringing back Primatech

In the lead up to its premiere, we’ve had a lot of our questions about Heroes Reborn answered. We know the miniseries will serve as a kind of “tenth season” for the show, though we’ve been spared a glimpse at the interregnum. We’ve also learned that those willing to brave it will have to endure a two-hour premiere. But the question that’s weighed heaviest on our minds (other than “why is this happening?”) has probably been “But what about Primatech?”

Okay, that last one actually comes from TVGuide, who recently shared a “spoiler” about the presence of Noah “HRG” Bennett’s former employer. The site spoke with the man himself—well, actor Jack Coleman—about the possibility of a new evil corporation for the heroes (now EVOs) to contend with. Coleman said there will be “a company, a corporation, a high-tech entity which purports to do …

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