Newswire: Soon you can abandon your real family and live in a Rick And Morty VR game

By all accounts, Adult Swim’s Rick And Morty is funnier, more exciting, and more existentially terrifying than real life, and now anyone who has been wishing they could ditch their problems and enjoy a simpler existence alongside an alcoholic scientist and his grandson can finally achieve that dream thanks to Rick And Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, a new VR experience from Adult Swim Games Owlchemy Labs. You’ll still have to eat food and go to the bathroom and stuff, but nobody says you can’t do that while wearing a VR headset and spending time with all of your favorite Rick And Morty characters.

According to a press release, Virtual Rick-ality is a “fast-paced, chaotic VR adventure” that features “mechanics and mayhem only possible in VR.” The plot involves you playing as a clone of Morty as you try to follow Rick’s instructions to solve puzzles and explore …

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