Newswire: Sony’s Amy Pascal also has to work under lingering stench of Seth Rogen’s weed

After at long last fulfilling her fantasy of getting fired, Sony’s former co-chair Amy Pascal is now realizing her other dream of moving to a smaller, not-as-nice suite on the studio lot, trailed by the stench of Seth Rogen’s The Interview and its attendant fallout. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she’ll also be trailed by the stench of Seth Rogen’s weed, because he smoked so much it’s all but ruined her new office.

In a move seemingly engineered by a Sony employee with a deep appreciation of irony and comic metaphor, and who should maybe be working on Sony’s movies, Pascal is taking over a space that was most recently occupied by Rogen and writing partner Evan Goldberg, who stayed there while they scripted the very film that led to Pascal’s ouster. Pascal is now quite literally living in the mess they created …

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