Newswire: Sony won’t release clean versions of its films if directors object

Recently, Sony floated the idea of releasing “clean” versions of some of its naughtier films so people with sensitive eyes and ears could enjoy the storyline of, say, Captain Phillips without suffering through the part where Barkhad Abdi tells Tom Hanks that he’s “the motherfucking captain now, motherfucker.” This idea was met with some cuss-filled resistance from director Judd Apatow, who tweeted that Sony would “get hell” for “FUCKING” with people’s movies. The Directors Guild Of America also expressed its dislike for the “clean version” concept, releasing a statement about how it’s a violation of a filmmaker’s creative rights to release “unauthorized alteration of films.”

Now, Sony is walking back the “clean version” project a bit, with Variety reporting that the company has announced that it won’t sell edited versions of movies if the original filmmakers object to it. Sony says it “believed” that it …

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