Newswire: Sony is making a Psych movie, but not the Psych you’re thinking of

Briefly raising and then immediately dashing the hopes of TV fans with a taste for fake psychics, banter, and increasingly elaborate genre pastiches, Sony has announced that it’s making a movie called Psych, but it’s not the Psych you’re thinking of. This Psych is a comedy about a psychiatrist who changes his own life by performing unorthodox therapies on an institutionalized patient, a premise so full of laughs that no disquieting moral doubts could ever possibly be raised. Could those therapies involve pretending to be psychic and solving crimes with a crew of wacky detectives? Almost certainly not, because that was a different Psych. We can’t emphasize that enough.

The script for the new Psych was written by Aaron Buchsbaum and Teddy Riley, two former Hollywood assistants who made a name for themselves by selling their action comedy script El Tigre to Sony. We’re just …

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