Newswire: Sony announces release dates for Ghostbusters, The Dark Tower, two Bad Boys movies and more

Ever since it got really into extreme snowboarding a few years ago, Sony has been fully committed to the “go big or go home” lifestyle. That’s why the hack from last year was so brutal. Sony couldn’t just give up some private data, it had to give up a ton of hardcore private data. You’ll also notice that Sony executives tend to say “brah” a lot more often than other executives. It’s part of the corporate culture.

Anyway, all of that is a setup to introduce that Sony has announced release dates for a ton of upcoming movies—some of which we haven’t heard about in years. This is the equivalent of Sony puffing out its chest and waving its arms at the other, less extreme movie studios. “Yo, you think you can take me, brah?” it says to Fox or whatever. “We’ll see …

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