Newswire: “Someone” was spotted in costume on the set of Game Of Thrones

Note: This post contains spoilers pertaining to the existence of information. The information-averse should turn away, and flee, and know no more forever.

Giving a strong example of exactly why David Lynch has asked people to stop pointing their cameras at his Twin Peaks sets all the damn time, Variety is reporting that “Someone” has been photographed by The Daily Mail in costume on the Ireland set of HBO’s Game Of Thrones. “Someone,” a popular actor who’s also starred in films like Pompeii and that Andy Samberg tennis thing, was apparently photographed while dressed like his beloved character That One Guy, who was supposedly Something’d at the end of the show’s fifth Whatever.

Of course, it’s possible that “Someone” was just on set to say hi to his “former” coworkers, Him and You Know, The One Fella, and that he just decided to dress in …

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