Newswire: Someone is plastering New York with posters of Trump’s sexual assault monologue

Yesterday was the five-month anniversary of the release of Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood tapes, a.k.a. the day when it seemed almost certain that America would finally hock up the lump of sexist, hateful garbage lodged in its throat and spit it out into the also-ran sink of history. Instead, though, Trump’s assertions that he could do whatever he wanted to attractive women was dismissed as “locker room talk,” and presumably empowered any number of people pissed off at the “PC culture” that thinks “grab them by the pussy” makes for a pretty shitty presidential quote.

Sometimes people are amazing. Someone put up posters #Trump‘s sexual assault monologue all over the East Village, NY #internationalwomensday

— Very Vero (@Sincerely220) March 8, 2017

But while the leaked footage is slowly receding into the popular memory, buried under week after week of new White House …

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