Newswire: Someone bought the Amityville Horror house, better sage the shit out of it

Murder houses make up just a small niche in today’s real estate market, which becomes even narrower when you eliminate structures that have only been hosts to pretend-atrocities. Still, there appears to be a competitive market for real-life horror homes, which presumably come with a shit ton of sage at closing. At least, we hope the people who recently bought the Dutch Colonial of both Amityville murder and Amityville Horror will ask for some when they’re handed the keys. Newsday reports that the granddaddy of verifiably scary abodes has just been sold for the second time in six years. The price tag was just $850,000, which is less than the $950,000 the previous owner paid for it. But even that was a bargain compared to the 2010 listing price of $1.15 million. We can’t imagine why anyone would be practically trying to give away …

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