Newswire: So that’s what Henry was up to all this time on The Americans

This post contains discussion of plot points from The Americans episode “Lotus 1-2-3.”

In last week’s installment of The Americans, the series dropped a hint that Henry, the Jennings’ ignored son, was up to something at school. Tonight we learn what he’s gotten into: Algebra 2. Turns out that all this time spies Philip and Elizabeth haven’t been paying attention to their kid he’s been excelling in math. The revelation stands out as a somewhat amusing one in a particularly devastating episode—that is, if you don’t find it too heartbreaking that Henry is keenly aware his parents think his sister is smarter than he is.

Still, Noah Emmerich, who plays Stan and directed “Lotus 1-2-3,” wanted to bring out the humor in the situation. “That scene where the teacher calls them in, I thought that was a great opportunity to have a little bit …

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