Newswire: So that whole The Interview thing worked out okay

After a week-long international drama in which Sony decided to pull Kim Jong-un’s least favorite movie after major theater chains dropped it, declared it “dead,” then partially reversed its decision by releasing the movie to independent theaters and on Google Play, YouTube Movies, Xbox Live, and its own website, The Interview has been released without incident. Most viewers seemed to agree with The A.V. Club‘s Ben Kenigsberg that it was pretty okay, overall—everybody had a few poop-and-dick-joke-related laughs, popcorn and candy were consumed, nobody got bombed by North Korea, we all walked away feeling good. Well, except for the guy who tried—and failed—to scalp $650 worth of tickets to The Interview in Cincinnati. But screw that guy.

The Alamo Drafthouse, the Texas-based theater chain that tried to screen Team America: World Police in place of The Interview, reportedly sold out its opening day screenings …

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