Newswire: Snoop Dogg wants to get high with iconic undecided voter Ken Bone

Someday, many years from now, people will look back on 2016 as one of the weirdest periods in American history. Oh sure, the election itself has been crazy—with its outrageous emphasis on emails, its horrible “locker room talk,” and the now-famous catchphrase “check out sex tape”—but few things from 2016 have been as weird as the instant celebrity status achieved by a guy named Ken Bone. The world first met Bone during the second presidential debate, which was held town hall-style and featured supposed undecided voters asking Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump about their most important positions and/or Twitter beefs. Bone was one such undecided voter, and thanks to his stylish sweater or whatever, a bored and desperate audience latched on to him as the one man at the debate worth believing in. Also, his name is Ken Bone, which has the word “bone” in it.

In …

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