Newswire: SNL brings some Chappelle’s Show favorites back from the dead

When Dave Chappelle hosted a thought-provoking and funny Saturday Night Live last night, he brought along not only a stellar monologue about post-election fears and realities, but also a handful of recurring characters from the late, lamented Chappelle’s Show. Appearing onstage before the filmed bit, Chappelle seemed almost sheepish at bringing back black white supremacist Clayton Bigsby, “player-hater” Silky (and Donnell Rawlings’ sidekick, Beautiful), Lil Jon, a cowardly white guy, and ever-indomitable crackhead Tyrone Biggums.

Naturally, they’re all played by Chappelle (apart from Beautiful), who also—since this is a parody of that Walking Dead episode everyone got so mad at—played baseball bat-wielding Negan, using nursery rhymes and the sound of his own voice to determine which one of the contemptuous victims is going to get his block knocked off.

In the end, poor Tyrone ends up decapitated with one mighty swing, but you can’t keep …

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