Newswire: SNL better use some Tic Tacs after chewing Trump up and spitting him out

Too often, Saturday Night Live doesn’t take full advantage of the whole “live” thing, but when the show clearly scraps its plans in order to incorporate some late-breaking events, it’s bracing. Or thoroughly disgusting, like the switcheroo in last night‘s cold open. Appearing ready to rehash Tuesday’s dully contentious vice presidential debate, the conspicuously announced rebroadcast of same was interrupted by a report on Republican presidential nominee Donald’s Trump’s misogynist comments from 2005, the recordings of which only came to light on Friday.

SNL campaign-season ringer Alec Baldwin returned as his bellicose Trump, telling CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin (Cecily Strong) his side of a story that’s sent even some of his staunchest GOP supporters fleeing. (In fear of bad press and lost votes, if not actual outrage). Baldwin’s Trump accurately depicts real-world Trump’s constitutional inability to admit wrongdoing or criticism: He …

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