Newswire: SNL and Tom Hanks introduce your new Halloween hero: David S. Pumpkins

There was a lot to like about last night’s Tom Hanks-hosted Saturday Night Live (his ninth, by the way). Another solidly horrifying/funny presidential debate sketch between Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton and Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump. A fine “Black Jeopardy,” where Hanks’ crusty, Trump-loving white guy nonetheless finds common ground with the black contestants’ distrust of the government, the IRS, and skinny women. And Hanks’ hilarious monologue where “America’s Dad” sought to reassure his anxious nation-son that everything’s going to be okay. (“Your complexion is changing. That’s natural for a nation of immigrants like yourself.”)

But sometimes, big, weird laughs are what steal the show, and SNL hit on a winner in the form of Hanks’ curly-haired, inexplicably ubiquitous Halloween theme park attraction, David S. Pumpkins. Decked out in a pumpkin-themed blazer and flanked by a pair of leotard-clad, enthusiastically sexual skeleton backup dancers …

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