Newswire: Smithsonian launches crowdsourced rock ‘n’ roll photo archive

Are you the kind of person who goes to concerts and takes pictures of the band the whole time, watching the show through the screen of your phone or the viewfinder of a camera? Were your parents? If so, all of those times you decided not to watch a concert the normal way might finally be paying off. Well, not literally “paying off,” but there might be a use for all of those old photos at least. That’s because the Smithsonian is putting together a collection of rock ‘n’ roll photography, and it wants normal people (like you!) to send in their best amateur photos of rock ‘n’ roll stars rocking ‘n’ rolling. Each month, someone from the Smithsonian or a special guest will choose the best photos that have been submitted, and they’ll be proudly displayed at the museum’s website alongside photos and …

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