Newswire: Slipknot’s Corey Taylor to voice a monster on next week’s Doctor Who

Slipknot singer and erstwhile Kanye West critic Corey Taylor will soon be yelling incoherently at the Doctor—The Guardian reports that Taylor has provided one of the voices for the villain in an upcoming episode of Doctor Who. As a “dedicated Whovian,” the singer was invited to the show’s set when his band played Cardiff recently. Taylor, whose English accent might not have been up to snuff, was then asked to record some bloodcurdling screams for next week’s “Under The Lake” episode, which will feature the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) battling the Fisher King. Spys Peter Serafinowicz, who’s done plenty of voiceover work on shows like Axe Cop and NTSF: SD: SUV, lent his voice to the more civil discussions with the Doctor. But it’s Neil Fingleton, Britain’s tallest man, who will actually appear on screen with Capaldi.

Taylor shared the news on Twitter, which …

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