Newswire: Sleigh Bells release a new song, “I Can Only Stare”

Noise-pop duo Sleigh Bells is set to release its latest album, Jessica Rabbit, in a little over a month, and now it has debuted a brand-new track from the album, “I Can Only Stare.” Like most song debuts these says, this comes from Zane Lowe’s Apple Music station (via Pitchfork) and you can stream the track below. If that’s not enough incentive on its own, guitarist Derek E. Miller says that it’s his favorite song on Jessica Rabbit, and if you stick around after the track ends you can even get a brief explanation for the Who Framed Roger Rabbit?-inspired title (it’s sort of a metaphor based on Miller’s childhood crush on the iconic animated lounge singer).

It’s unclear at this point if Demi Lovato intends to (allegedly) sample “I Can Only Stare” without permission, but you can listen to it below either …

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