Newswire: Sleepy Hollow bringing back Zach Appelman for non-Wendigo-related work

Sleepy Hollow seems a little nervous about making so many changes to its coming season. Losing Orlando Jones, gaining Nikki Reed, a brand-new showrunner, an almost too-logical crossover with Bones…it could all feel like a bit much. So the show is making a standard move, the same one that you do when you’re going through some life changes and needing reassurance: You call up an old fling and ask them what they’re doing these days. TV Guide reports the series is bringing back Zach Appelman, who plays Joe Corbin, for a recurring role in the new season.

Corbin, who was last seen being cured of that pesky “turning into a Wendigo” condition, will be returning to work more closely with Jenny, in what is presumably a fairly substantial storyline. New showrunner Clifton Campbell explains it thusly:

Jenny and Joe are going to track down a lot of …

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