Newswire: Slash is producing a slasher movie, which is funny because his name is Slash

Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, whose real name is Saul Slashington, is no stranger to the film industry. Earlier this summer, we reported that he had launched a crowdfunding campaign to pay for The Hell Within, a horror movie that he wanted to produce about a woman lost in the jungles of Brazil. He was also in an episode of The Drew Carey Show in 1998, so he’s basically the mayor of Hollywood now.

His latest project, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will be a horror film that “harkens back to the popular slasher franchises of he ‘80s such as Halloween and Friday The 13th.” As indicated by the headline of this very article, the fact that Slash is working on a slasher movie is very humorous, and it’s the sort of delightful turn of events that makes life feel a little more magical. Slash has teamed …

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