Newswire: Skrillex also received one of Jared Leto’s terrible Suicide Squad “gifts”

Lest you forget, Jared Leto appeared in Joker regalia in the music video for “Purple Lamborghini,” Skrillex and Rick Ross’ contribution to the Suicide Squad soundtrack. And you know what that means—presents! Yes, Skrillex recently told Complex that Leto, who is apparently a buddy of his, sent him “the biggest dildo” as well as “a bunch of weird shit in a box.” We’ll leave you to speculate what was contained within, but just remember Leto’s gifts to the cast included used condoms, anal beads, a live rat, and a dead pig. Presumably whatever this purple-wearing Pandora sent his EDM pal was pretty yucky.

The studio apparently thought the video would just employ clips from the movie, but Skrillex had a vision that involved Leto. Surprisingly, the actor was reluctant, even though he once said “it’s really difficult to think about doing anything” other than playing the …

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