Newswire: Sitcom about Mark Wahlberg’s childhood to fill in blanks of Wahlbergian history

Entourage is the bildungsroman that chronicles the Dickensian bloom of one Marky Marcus Wahlberg, a knickers model of great expectations and adequate means, as he makes his way through the tumultuous world of Hollywood. Mos recently, Wahlburgers has given us a living document of the matured Wahlberg’s late-career rebirth as entrepreneur and seasoned hamburgermonger. And in between, Wahlberg’s lifelong battle with trees was captured by The Happening. But what of Wahlberg’s early, formative experiences? Where have these lost years been immortalized, save for in police reports? Soon, ABC may fill in this crucial, missing piece of Wahlbergian history in the form of a sitcom.

Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison, the Make-A-Wish of production companies, has signed a new overall deal with Sony Pictures TV that includes the autobiographical What Up Wahlbergs, a question whose answer remains, “Nothin’. Just makin’ stuff about ourselves.” Like at least 30-percent of …

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