Newswire: Sisqo remade the “Thong Song” for 21st-century butts

In 1999, Sisqo released “Thong Song,” an ode to women’s thongs and how much Sisqo would like to see them. Though the sentiment is timeless, the song is now, unfortunately, dated: “Thong Song” captured a markedly pre-Y2K thong, designed for late-20th-century butts. After all, in the era of its debut, artists had only begun to explore the many ways in which butts could clap. Many butts clapped according to a primitive system of pulleys and levers. Meanwhile, perhaps some college dormitories and upper middle-class homes had access to broadband butt-clapping, but most of America still used dial-up. During the 18 years since we first heard “Thong Song,” butt-clapping and the music that celebrates it have seen some incredible advances. Also, Sisqo made the “Thong Song” again.

And now the fruits of those parallel labors—a reworking of “Thong Song” for producer JCY, and for the butts of today—have …

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