Newswire: SiriusXM wipes away last trace of Opie & Anthony by firing Opie

Almost exactly three years after the “Anthony” side of the equation got kicked to the curb for a series of racially-charged tweets, Gregg “Opie” Hughes, the other half of the shock-jock duo known as Opie and Anthony, has also managed to get his ass fired. In an official statement, Sirius XM says it “does not publicly discuss internal personnel issues,” but Variety nonchalantly repeats a bit of gossip saying that Hughes was fired for making a video of one of his employees using the bathroom.

We don’t know whether this was a prank that went too far or if it was just straight-up creepy—that line was always pretty blurry, anyway—but either way, the future of Opie’s Radio Show, which brought on comedian and frequent guest Jim Norton as co-host after Anthony’s firing in 2014, is unclear. Norton could stay on, bringing the show to its …

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