Newswire: Sinister 2’s Ciarán Foy is making a movie about a spooky Irish island

With his Sinister 2 hitting theaters on Friday, director Ciarán Foy has already lined up his next project. According to Deadline, Foy will be heading back to his native Ireland for The Shee, a horror movie set in the ‘60s. The movie will be about a woman who “must confront her violent and tragic past” while on a trip to “a remote island.” That’s about all we know for now, but our exhaustive knowledge of Irish mythology—and access to Wikipedia—suggest that the film’s title could be a reference to “the aos sí,” a race of elf or fairy-like supernatural creatures that live underground in little mounds. We’re not sure what connection there is between these little mound fairies and a spooky island, but we imagine the movie will cover that. Or, on the other hand, maybe The Shee has nothing to do with the aos …

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