Newswire: Singapore joins Malaysia in the Batman burger game with new DC Comics Cafe

When you think Batman, you probably don’t think “high-fat, low-nutrition diet.” Luckily, you are not JT Network, the company that owns a string of officially licensed DC Comics retail stores throughout Asia. Now that it has entered the lucrative market of selling clothing and assorted knickknacks based on DC Comics superheroes, it’s also expanding the very marketable idea of making crappy burgers, stamping the Batman logo on them, and charging a few more bucks for the privilege of shoving then down your gullet.

“Real heroes never die,” the cool graffiti tag below the counter reads, but they for sure order an official Aquaman Justice Jumbo Prawn Cocktail for $12. The company already has two DC Comics Cafes in Malaysia, but they’re opening a third outlet in Singapore on September 1. The store recently offered a sampling of its upcoming fare, including Superman Man of Steel BBQ Chicken …

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