Newswire: Simon & Schuster is crowdsourcing a book for people who love Taylor Swift

Iconic publisher Simon & Schuster has hit upon a way to revolutionize literature: It’s going to crowdsource a book about Taylor Swift. This is clearly a brilliant idea, since it means not having to deal with a normal writer (most of whom are greedy, lazy, and just generally untalented) or whatever non-Taylor Swift subject matter most people write books about. The plan is for the book to be a celebration of how much people love Taylor Swift, and big Taylor Swift fans can go to to submit any great photos they’ve taken or touching works of art they’ve made over the years that really sell the idea that Taylor Swift is great and deserves a book about how great she is. Fans can also suggest their favorite “profiles, Q&As, reviews, poems, online lists” and other writings, but it doesn’t sound like you can just …

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