Newswire: Showtime’s new Twin Peaks will be even longer than originally announced

It seems like the big outpouring of support for David Lynch that went Showtime’s way after the acclaimed director backed out of the network’s Twin Peaks update has worked even better than expected: Not only is Lynch back on board and quoting the show on Twitter, but Showtime has also decided to bump up the number of Twin Peaks episodes that it’s ordering. When the project was first announced, the network had only committed to nine hours of weird mysteries, backwards-talking people, and damn fine cups of coffee, but now The Hollywood Reporter says that the new Twin Peaks—the entirety of which will directed by Lynch—will “now consist of more than the nine episodes the cabler originally ordered.”

We don’t know if that means 10 episodes, or 11, or 100, but we do know that getting more episodes of Twin Peaks than we were …

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