Newswire: Showtime extends mind games with Homeland viewers, orders Billions to series

At the end of Homeland‘s third season, the series gave viewers a very good reason not to expect any further appearances from Damian Lewis. It was the culmination of a three-year-long campaign of psychological torture, involving a (compelling, Emmy-winning) character who had no business hanging around Carrie Mathison beyond season one. Surely, Nicholas Brody would never appear on the Showtime original series Homeland again.

It would seem that a similar promise is being made by the news that Showtime has ordered the Lewis-starring Billions to series for 2016 . The show—in which Lewis plays the smugly punchable face of American financial rot, opposite Paul Giamatti as the clenched fist awaiting a promised-by-press-release “collision” with that face—presumably precludes Lewis from donning the mantle of Nick Brody for the foreseeable future. Does this mean Brody is finally, truly off of Homeland‘s mind? Isn’t that exactly what Homeland would …

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