Newswire: Shocking new survey reveals people want to see Star Wars and The Hunger Games

Science has given us a lot over the years, from vaccines and water filtration technology to iPhones and whatever the McRib is made out of, but some discoveries are so monumental and unexpected that they shake the entire human race to its very core. This is not one of those discoveries, but that’s probably because it’s the result of a survey about how people feel about this year’s upcoming movies. Even without reading the headline up above, anybody could probably guess what movies people are most looking forward to this year, and no, they’re not Pan and Burnt—but more on them later.

This comes from Variety, which says the aforementioned survey was conducted by Piedmont Media Research. It polled 3,000 people about the movies that are coming out this fall and then scored and ranked the movies based on people’s responses. Unsurprisingly, the …

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