Newswire: Shia LaBeouf’s “artwork” now includes riding an elevator and slapping a fan

In a bid to remain alive and noticed or something, Shia LaBeouf recently spent 24 hours in an elevator in Oxford, England for his latest collaboration with performance artists Rönkkö and Turner, a project called #ELEVATE. The three dispensers of inexplicably compelling stunts invited everyone within walking or marathon-running distance of Oxford Union to stand in the elevator with them and, according to Variety, “talk with [LaBeouf] […] about whatever they want.” The whole thing was live-streamed on YouTube because eventually everything will be live-streamed, including people watching live-streams at home on their porn-streaming chairs.

“How do we do this and not feel douchey about it?” asked LaBeouf during the stream, a question he should perhaps have asked himself earlier. Despite that moment of introspection, the project lacked the self-deprecation of his #AllMyMovies marathon—the stream, which mostly lingered on closed elevator doors and mumbled conversations, even lacked the shock value …

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