Newswire: Shia LaBeouf apologizes after TMZ runs his racist comments toward cops who arrested him

Shia LaBeouf issued an apology on Twitter today, declaring that he was sorry for comments he made during a recent arrest in Savannah, Georgia. Video of LaBeouf in custody, insulting and shouting at the arresting officers, surfaced on TMZ today.

— Shia LaBeouf (@thecampaignbook) July 12, 2017

During his rants, LaBeouf appears to bring up race a number of times, alleging that one officer’s wife watched porn featuring “black dick,” and telling one cop that he was “especially” going to hell, specifically because he was a black man. LaBeouf’s apology thanks the officers for their restraint while dealing with him.

In the note, LaBeouf characterized his actions as a consequence of addiction and problems with authority. (He also called the incident a ”new low,” and expressed his hope in securing his sobriety in its aftermath.) He was reportedly arrested after initially asking a police officer …

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