Newswire: Sherlock’s Lara Pulver falls into the Underworld (franchise)

Lara Pulver, best known stateside for her role as deduction-dodging dominatrix Irene Adler on BBC’s Sherlock, will be descending into the Underworld next year. Unlike the mythological Persephone, though, who was abducted by the god of the dead and tricked with pomegranate seeds, Pulver is probably just going to end up kicking a bunch of vampires or werewolves in the face.

Pulver has signed on for a role in the fifth installment of Hollywood’s quixotic attempt to get people to refer to werewolves as “lycans,” in which no conflict between mythological creatures is so convoluted or involved that it can’t be solved with a nice, slow-motion kick to the head. Plot details for the new film are, of course, a closely guarded secret, as there’s no telling how much damage could be done to director Björn Stein’s magnum opus if his delicate lattice of storytelling …

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