Newswire: Shaquille O’Neal to star in worqplace qomedy for TruTV

Having conquered the worlds of basketball, hip-hop, video games, crime-fighting, wish-granting, goofing around with Charles Barkley, and word play, Shaquille O’Neal is getting into the TV business. In a move that we would never imply was in any way influenced by O’Neal’s former teammate LeBron James’ autobiographical comedy Survivor’s Remorse, the autobiographical comedy will be based on O’Neal’s “sprawling business empire” and the “offbeat, yet capable group [that] juggles the mayhem of managing [Shaq’s] existing products and endorsements while implementing his latest batch of sometimes eccentric business ideas.” Overseeing it all will be O’Neal himself as his underlings “constantly [jockey] for the power and recognition to make the big guy proud,” which doesn’t sound all that different from working at The A.V. Club.

The title of the series, predictably and delightfully, will be Shaq Inq. This will be the first …

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